Call to Save Muadag’ Do’ag (South Mountain) and the villages of District 6 (Gila River)-Spiritual Gathering and Run

Greetings from District Six of the Gila River Indian Community,

The villages of Lone Butte,Santa Cruz, Gila Crossing, Komatke and Co-op are requesting YOUR support in our 20 year struggle to stop the proposed eight-lane South Mountain Loop 202 freeway extension from going through District Six and the Gila River Indian Community.

We have come to a critical point in this fight and it will take all of the Gila River Indian Community to stop this freeway from ever being built on our land OR thru the South Mountain.

At this time, we are calling for a traditional gathering in the village of Komatke, starting the night of Friday September 30 and a traditional run the morning of Saturday October 1.

We request your support from all traditional O’odham singers, dancers, and runners from all of the Seven Districts of the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC). We are also asking for our relatives from Onk O’odahm/ Salt River, Ak-Chin, Tohono, Hia’ched, and all O’odham in Mexico to join us as we sing, dance, pray and run for Muadag’ Do’ag, which is sacred to ALL O’odham, as well as for our District Six and Gila River Indian Community members who will be negatively impacted by this freeway.

We will be gathering at the District Six Komatke Boys and Girls Club starting at 6:00 P.M. For a traditional circle of dance ending at sun rise. From here we will begin starting at sun rise the District Six Survival Run ending at the Gila River Governance Center Tribal Council Chambers in Sacaton to attend and support The District Six and Gila River Indian Community at a special tribal council meeting to be held Saturday, October 1, 2011 which will hear and decide on a Gila River Indian Community Tribal Council Referendum entitled:

“A Resolution Approving and Authorizing a Referendum of the Construction of the South Mountain 202 Extension Freeway through the Gila River Indian Reservation”.

If approved by council, this referendum will undo two past NO BUILD community resolutions and will mandate a community vote that will ONLY present GRIC members with two options: an on-reservation alignment and an off-reservation alignment. Both of these options will lead to either the blasting and desecration of South Mountain or the forced removal and relocation of District Six community member families from their homes. This proposed referendum has no mention of the NO BUILD option which is clearly listed by Arizona Department of Transportation as an viable option.

Why? How did we go from past No Build resolutions, and two decades (20 years) of saying NO FREEWAY, to now being forced to choose which construction alignment we would rather support ? NO MEANS NO! WE SUPPORT NO BUILD AT ALL! Which part of no is not being understood the N or the O ?

Therefore the villages of Lone Butte, Santa Cruz, Gila Crossing, Komatke and Co-op are calling for all Gila River Indian Community members and O’odham from all over our ancestral lands, to join us as we sing, dance, pray, and run to tell our tribal council members NO MEANS NO!




Welcome All! Please support ongoing efforts to protect Gila River Indian Community's vital connection with Muhadag Do'ag (South Mountain) and to ensure the mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of today's and tomorrow's Community members. The proposed Loop 202 extension adversely affects the physical and spiritual integrity of Muhadag Do'ag, traditional cultural properties associated with the mountain, and all beings. Both proposed freeway alignments are detrimental to the O'odham & Pee Posh, cutting the bloodline to do'ag. Governor Rhode$ only cares about economic development, not the will of the people, who have formally decreed NO LOOP 202 in 2000 and 2005. Don't compromise your beliefs; stand for something or fall for anything. ~No 202~
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