Call for Support: December 2012 Gila River Indian News Ad-space Donation!

As part of our work to stop the use of O’odham resources to benefit the Phoenix area, we ran a half page advertisement in the December edition of the Gila River Indian News (GRIN).

Ran in December 2012 GRIN

Ran in December 2012 GRIN

This is just part of our outreach in Gila River. In our community, we have also distributed zines at parades, held a benefit concert to raise awareness of the NO BUILD option, and we recently participated in a two-day prayer run & march against the freeway. The feedback from our people has been very positive about the information in our ad.

The advertisement now needs to be paid off. Unlike Pangea, the corporation that wants to build a freeway and 6000 acre city in Gila River, we do not have outside investors and money to burn. We are a group of O’odham with children, jobs, and school to take care of. We are asking for your donations to help us pay for the ad in the December GRIN. We need to raise $235 by December 28th to pay for the ad. If you can help us, please do. Please help protect O’odham land.

We can be contacted via email at:

Thank you!



Welcome All! Please support ongoing efforts to protect Gila River Indian Community's vital connection with Muhadag Do'ag (South Mountain) and to ensure the mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of today's and tomorrow's Community members. The proposed Loop 202 extension adversely affects the physical and spiritual integrity of Muhadag Do'ag, traditional cultural properties associated with the mountain, and all beings. Both proposed freeway alignments are detrimental to the O'odham & Pee Posh, cutting the bloodline to do'ag. Governor Rhode$ only cares about economic development, not the will of the people, who have formally decreed NO LOOP 202 in 2000 and 2005. Don't compromise your beliefs; stand for something or fall for anything. ~No 202~
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